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HEATSTRIP Testimonials

Melbourne Zoo

The HEATSTRIP is of course very suitable for heating roofs, patios, terraces and restaurants. The beauty is that the HEATSTRIP is also be used in various zoos, including Melbourne Zoo. Elephants and turtles among others are pleasantly warmed by the HEATSTRIP.

"We are very pleased with the economical consumption and the performance of the Heatstrips. With a minimal wattage the HEATSTRIP achieves great coverage.The IP rating is also a plus when the elephants have to be" showered ", this means that the HEATSTRIP is resistant against the water. "


Hot Power Yoga

The HEATSTRIP is ideal for heating areas where yoga is practiced. It is important that the space during the yoga exercises is pleasantly heated, to prevent injuries. Our heastrips warm the room comfortably without hot air being blown into the faces of the participants. In addition, the HEATSTRIP looks sleek so it fits perfectly in a modern yoga room!

"This is the best type of heater for a room in which yoga is practiced, there is no annoying noise or irritating warm air that blows into your face, it is a pleasant warmth that heats the muscles and the bones."

hot power yoga

Creative Outdoor Solutions Design Pty Ltd
"When creating sophisticated, timeless outdoor rooms and landscapes, the aesthetic aspect and functionality play an important role The Australian HEATSTRIP range is very suitable for our projects as they meet our design requirements, both visually and practically. unobtrusive profile and the perfectly balanced warmth that they emit in the outdoor rooms designed by us, make the rooms suitable for use throughout the year. "

Outdoor Solutions

Columbia Beach Limassol

The HEATSTRIP Elegance is perfect when the ceiling is also white. Columbia Beach Limassol is very happy with their new heaters!

"We choose this product because of their elegant and slimline design but most of all for their quality and effectiveness! Because our ceiling was slightly too high, we chose for the extensions of HEATSTRIP. Now the Heatstrips are hanging at the perfect height"


Starbucks Coffee London

At the Starbucks Coffee, located in London, United Kingdom, keeping you quests warm is a MUST. The HEATSTRIP Design was selected to accompany this beautiful setting. The Design offered a premium stylish and slimline look which blended perfectly with the black frontage.

Heatstrip Starbucks

Londen Eye

Everyone knows the London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Every year millions of people come here to visit this beautiful wheel. When the guests have to wait it is not nice when it is cold. In this case, the HEATSTRIP offers the perfect solution. Your guests can wait for their turn with a pleasant temperature.

heatstrip London Eye