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HEATSTRIP Radiant Heaters

HEATSTRIP is an Australian made range of premium, high intensity electric radiant heaters suitable for tough indoor and outdoor heating applications.

Using the radiant heat principle, HEATSTRIP is a stylish and energy efficient heating option, ideal for outdoor undercover applications such as alfresco dining and BBQ areas, patio’s, verandah’s, courtyards, balconies, both residentially and commercially. Ideal indoor applications include spot heating in factories, showrooms, warehouses, assembly lines, halls etc.

Features & Benefits

Why choose Thermofilm HEATSTRIP electric radiant heaters for your outdoor or hard-to-heat indoor area?

As there is typically constant air movement in an outdoor or open indoor area, many conventional patio heaters rely on convection heating which works by heating the surrounding air. This can be quite impractical for these areas, as this heated air can easily blow away with natural air movement. Thermofilm Radiant style heaters transfer heat directly to objects through infra-red waves.

Whilst convection heaters heat the air in between objects, radiant heaters heat the surface of the objects themselves. HEATSTRIP electric radiant heaters are more effective within an outdoor or uninsulated indoor area because they provide targeted warmth directly to the people and objects in their path.

How does it work?

Comfortable radiant warmth from above! Similar to the radiant heat rays emitted by the Sun, the ceiling mounted HEATSTRIP range of heaters emits radiant warmth from above. A unique electric heating element and alloy heating surface produces even, radiant warmth directly to individual people and surfaces below. Unlike traditional outdoor gas heaters, which aim to heat the surrounding air and can result in high temperatures close to the heat source and lower temperatures further away, the radiant heat emitted by the HEATSTRIP penetrates through the air to provide a comfortable, even temperature..

Efficient, cost effective electric heating

The innovative design of the HEATSTRIP enables comfortable and even heat dispersion from the heater surface with minimal operating costs, providing an enjoyable and gentle warmth.

Multiple Applications:

• Outdoor al-fresco & entertaining areas 
• Patio’s, BBQ’s zones, outdoor kitchens 
• Courtyards & balconies 
• Veranda’s, pergola’s 
• Garages and sheds

• Cafes 
• Pubs & Clubs 
• Restaurants & Gaming venues 
• Factories 
• Warehouses 
• Showrooms 
• Halls

Significantly lower running costs compared to bottled gas heaters

The cost of running a HEATSTRIP heater is considerably less than gas-bottled patio heaters.